Secrets To Building A Massive Network Marketing Business

I read a few pages of the book “Your First Year in Network Marketing” by Mark Yarnell and took down some notes, which I’m going to share with you what I learned. Now, in order to build a massive MLM business, you have to be good at doing 3 way calls with an upline leader in your company. The best time for you to do a three way call is after your prospect has seen a presentation of your opportunity. It is most effective after your prospect has been exposed to the concepts of network marketing, likes what he or she has heard but still has some reservations or have some questions. This is the best time to bring in an upline associate into the mix.

The 3 way call allows a new associate or even a seasoned associate to learn by hearing how a prospect is “closed”. It also reinforces belief in the business. The connection between you, an upline and your prospect offers a more flexible scheduling and sorts out a serious prospect from a lukewarm one. Just taking the initiative to call shows a certain eagerness for the business.

To be successful in this business, you need to have a system of keeping track of your prospects. In the book I mentioned above, Mark Yarnell says that you should call every signle person on your prospect list until they either sign up in your business or die. Never, ever are you to throw away leads until they become part of your organization or you attend their funerals.

As you speak with prospects and they tell you all the reasons why the time is not right for them to join you in your business, politely ask them if you can contact them at a later date. They’ll almost always say Yes. Some people will need a follow-up in 2 days. Now, if you fail to reach some people, you can set a reminder to follow up the next day.

Try to contact prospects every 6 months. No matter how adamantly they rejected you previously, eventually you are going to catch them during a period of job transition. If presented properly to people during those inevitable transitions, network marketing will be next to impossible to turn down.

Get used to the fact that when you start to put these concepts into practice, you won’t be very good at them. It’s only through repetition and practice that you will get good. Every great network marketer was a lousy network marketer first. No one starts out poised and self-assured.

Always approach the people you have the strongest relationships, your friends and family first. Talk to the person who sponsored you into the business about helping you by doing the first two or three presentations for you in your home with your friends or ask for support from an upline leader who is long-distance via phone. After the presentation is done, you can give a testimonial about what the business has done for you and your family and how the product or service has helped you personally. Testimonials create belief in the minds of the prospects. Show how enthused you are about your opportunity. Your biggest asset in this business is enthusiasm. If you are not truly excited about your business opportunity, read or listen to anything that will build up your enthusiasm. This is essential to effective prospecting. The deeper your belief level, the greater your chances of success will be.

Network marketing is a business of education. You may want to begin by having your prospects review an audio-visual package, but eventually you need to interact face to face.The business is basically about teaching others to build an organization of people who use and share the products/services the company has to offer. When speaking with a prospect over the phone, the more information you give them, the less likely they will be to listen to an audio or attend a business presentation they are invited to. Try to raise your prospect’s curiosity over the phone rather than satisfy it. Do not give information out during your first call or answer a lot of questions. Share your enthusiasm and set a time and place for the meeting to which you are inviting your prospect.

If someone is reluctant, do not badger or bug them. If they decide they don’t want to get involved in the business, end the conversation on a positive not and ask for permissioni to check back with them in a few months. Remember, if you badger and ultimately convince them to join, they will most like do nothing because “a person convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Also, don’t waste your time showing facts about your opportunity to anyone until you have sifted them for possible interest first.

When next you are with a friend, ask them if they have ever wanted to start a business. Ask some questions that will help you determine whether there is a need your opportunity, product or service can fill and set an appointment to show them how you can help fill that need. Stay away from pressuring people to get in the business because if you do this, you’ll be faced with the burden of trying to drag them across the finish line.

When deciding who you want to call about your business, do not prejudge. Reach out to everyone on your list, starting with those in your city whom you would enjoy as partners in the business. Contact your top twenty or thirty family members and friends and invite them to take a look at your exciting opportunity. If possible, your sponsor should be there with you for your first two or three home meetings or presentations. It’s best to present the opportunity to small groups of three to six people at a time. When inviting people to take a look at your business, invite twice as many guests as you think will show up so as to allow for the “no-shows”, which are an inevitable part of this business.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to grow a solid network marketing business. If you do not have the book I mentioned above “Your First Year in Network Marketing“, I recommend you pick up a copy and study it. It contains a lot of gold nuggets that will no doubt help you build a massive  network marketing business.

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