Anytime you’re about to be taken to a new level, you’re going to face opposition. There will be new battles to fight, new obstacles to overcome. There will be some kind of struggle. Someone once said “New level new devil.”

It’s easy to get discouraged and think ‘Why is this happening?’ If we can just realize that right past those challenges is a new level of victory and success.

Remember the story of David in the Bible. He would only have been known as a shepherd boy if not for Goliath. What looked like was his enemy that was meant to destroy him was actually the tool God used to promote him. Many times your enemies will do more to catapult you to success than even your friends.

You cannot give up now because it will make your enemies see you down. You’ve got to have a smile on your face. Don’t let them see you look defeated.

When it’s all said and done you’re going to come out promoted, increased and better off than you were before. The size of your problem is an indication of the size of your future. If you have a big problem, don’t get discouraged. That’s a sure sign you’ve got a big future.

Whenever we face a Goliath so to speak, we’re given the strength, determination and fortitude to overcome. We will never face a challenge in life that has to defeat us even when it’s difficult and when the bottom falls out. In the middle of that adversity, there’ll be a supernatural strength. God gives us exactly what we need to overcome.

You have been armed with strength for every battle. You have been equipped and empowered to defeat the giants in your life.

Quit looking at what you don’t have and start looking at what you do have. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is on the inside of you.

You can accomplish your dreams no matter what people have said to you. When you stay in faith, God will cause people to see you the way He wants you to be seen. You may feel weak and not feel like you have what it takes. Here’s the secret. Don’t act on what you feel, act on what you know.

You may feel afraid but down in your heart you know no weapon formed against you is ever going to prosper. You may think you don’t have what it takes but realize you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. If you’ll learn to act on what you know instead of what you feel, then God will multiply what you have.

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