This post is not some fluffy piece on how to conjure up money solely using your mind but your mind does come into play if you wanna learn how to attract money. However, there are some things you need to do as well which will be explained in this post.

Is Learning How to Attract Money Evil?

“Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper’s bell of an approaching looter.” ~ Ayn Rand

Here’s the reality, money is just a magnifier, it only makes you more of who you already are. If someone is a jerk, money will make them, well, more of a jerk (anyone ever seen that or know what I am talking about?)

But what if you are someone that actually likes to help people? Well, having greater access to money because you learned how to attract money is a good thing, it means you will be able to help more people and make a greater impact on this planet, in whatever way you wish.

Why Do You Deserve To Make More Money?

A lot of network marketers say they need to make money but they have no plan on what to actually do with it or their plan is of such a low vibration that they really aren’t creating any real reason why they actually deserve to make money.

Create plans on what you will do with a lot of money and you are that much more likely to cause a shift, be very careful at this point to never doubt that the money is on its way to you, hold the faith and the vision AND continue the use of powerful habits to ACCEPT the money. It is easy to learn how to attract money, harder to learn how to ACCEPT the money. You ACCEPT the money through your actions.

Steps To Attracting Money To You

These questions will help you prepare you to attract money:

1. What charity will you give more to? What kind of impact might that make? How would it feel to walk into your favorite charity and be treated like a VIP due to all of your help? When the newspaper writes an article about how you gave so much, how many other entrepreneurs would be impacted by your story and decide to give more money to charity as well? How many people could you possibly impact?

2. What would you do for your parents? Would you buy them tickets to some exotic place or perhaps take the entire family on a trip? Would it be cool to show them the benefits of being a network marketer by doing rewards like this when money is no longer an issue?

3. What would you do for your kids? What experiences might they learn from? Where do you wish you were taken as a kid?

4. If you know you have value to bring to the world, how would you expand your business? What coaches would you hire? What mentoring masterminds would you join?

5. If you are passionate about a cause, what cause would you support and or start? Who in your life would you want to spend more time with?

Thoughts are NOT the only ingredient with Attracting Money…

But they are a huge start. Ask yourself WHY should you make a lot of money and if you cannot answer that honestly, refer to some of the above questions for help.

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