Talent is truly overrated.

I was reading the new book by Geoff Colvin and decided I’d share some contents of the book with you, my friend.

“….In 1992, a small group of researchers in England went looking for talent. They couldn’t find it.

They were looking for musical talent, which made sense, because that’s the kind people feel most certain about. They know it exists. They know there’s a reason why they can’t sing and other people can, or why Mozart could write symphonies when he was a teenager, or why some people can play the piano beautifully as mere children while others struggle to play a scale.

Most people simply know that certain lucky individuals are born with a talent for music, and that’s the main factor in how well they perform it or write it….” – GEOFF COLVIN, from his book “Talent is Overrated

Geoff Colvin is Senior Editor at large for FORTUNE Magazine.

I was browsing through the book and came across the above quote, which confirmed my belief that talent doesn’t matter. Hard work will beat talent if the talent doesn’t work hard.

Do you know someone who was very talented when you were growing up but you never heard of them after you left your neighborhood?

Talent alone is not enough. I recommend you read this book by Geoff Colvin to get his viewpoint on this topic.

Let me know what you think about talent. Is it overrated in your own opinion?

I’d love to read your thoughts. Leave your comments in the comments section below -:)

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