Before I get into the 4 absolutes required to be successful in network marketing, I’d like to go over some things to avoid in your network marketing business. It’s good to know the things to do to have success in the network marketing industry. However, it’s also important to know those things you need to avoid to achieve success.

You must dismantle & destroy any attitude, activity, fear or person that stands in your way. There are some relationships in your life that are poisonous and toxic. Be sure to stay away from people with negative attitudes. Figure out something else to do with your time.

You have to change the people around you or you have to change the people around you. This means that you have to change the people around you by motivating, firing up & pumping them up or get around people who are motivated, pumped up and fired up about life.

You’ve got to be positive. You can’t have a bad attitude and grumble all the time and then expect to be successful. When something goes wrong in the business, it should go upline and not downline or crossline. This is a major cornerstone of the network marketing business. Make sure that you handle negatives in a positive way. You don’t want to be calling your upline all the time to dump crap on them. If you do this, the chances are that your upline won’t take your calls or return them.

Avoid focusing on the wrong things. Realize that whatever you focus on expands. If you focus on the good things, you attract more good things. If you focus on the bad or the negative things, you become a living, breathing “crap magnet”.

Make sure you build your vision and not wait for everything to be perfect in your network marketing company before you attack the business. The people who wait for all the stars to line up and for all the traffic lights to be green before they leave their parking lot seldom ever leave the parking lot.

A lot of people in network marketing work their business with the hope that someone will come into their business and BOOM their business will explode and go into momentum. Let me tell you something. Studs don’t wait for momentum, they create it.

Make sure you don’t set your sights too low. Just as Les Brown often puts it…..most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss. No! Most people fail in life because they aim too low and hit and most don’t even aim at all. The truth is that most people can only see themselves fitting within your dream and if your dream is to make $100 a month from your network marketing business, for instance, then there is not a lot of room for someone else’s dream inside your dream. Setting your sights too low will kill your business.

Stay away from the management mentality. Be recruiting all the time and don’t get into management mode where you think you have to sit on your new recruits until you “hatch” them. The management mentality is a terminal mindset. Never stop recruiting new blood into your business.

You’re paid an override to motivate and communicate with your team, as well as lead them. You’ve got to lead by example. The reason why so many network marketers fail is that they think that it’s not in their job description to inspire or motivate their team members to achieve their full potential. This is another terminal mindset that will not take you very far unless you destroy it.

Make sure that truth and integrity is the cornerstone of your business.

Watch the dream stealers who come to steal your dream of success in network marketing. Remember the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. The devil (when he’s attacking you) doesn’t come with a red suit, tail, pitch fork and horns. He’s usually disguised. The dream stealers don’t come with a pitch fork either. Often times, dream stealers come in the form of a trusting face. They tell you how you’ve lost your mind and how people are going to laugh at you for getting in network marketing or for getting in business for yourself. They come disguised as friends.

Do you think successful people like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffett and others got to where they are without facing obstacles and dream stealers? Be prepared to handle the dream stealers and obstacles you will face along the way.

The 4 Absolutes in Network Marketing

I want to share with you 4 things (four absolutes) that, if you fully understand these 4 things, will help you build your business as fast and as big as you want it.

The first and most important absolute is to figure out what your burning desire is. You’ve got to figure out your WHY. You won’t share your business with people that tell you “No” and that laugh at you unless you really know why you’re doing it. If you can figure out what wakes you up and gets you to pick up the phone and make 10 phone calls and expose 10 new people to your business a day, all of a sudden this business becomes very easy.

The second absolute is that you have to produce enough effort to have success. What is enough effort? I learned a long time ago the concept of “trickle, flow, flood”. What this means is that a trickle of business is when you expose 15 new people every month to your business, a flow is when you expose 30 new people every month to your business, and a flood is when you expose at least 45 new people every month to your business. If you do enough over time, you win. When there’s a battle between the rock and the stream, the stream always wins.

The third absolute is you’ve got to work in the right places. You’ve got to find enough people to find the right ones to work with. Most people put together a few people and then decide they’re going to go help their group. If your new recruits don’t figure out how the business works on their own, they’re never going to succeed in the business. They watch what you do so make sure you’re leading by example. Most of you are working with the wrong people. You’re trying to get people to do something they don’t want to do. You tell them what to do and a week later, they’ve done nothing. To work with the right people, you have to be willing to work first.

The fourth absolute involves plugging into trainings. People who attend training events grow many times faster than people that don’t. Training events open up the eyes and the ears of people on your team. When people attend training events, their belief goes through the roof because they get to see other people who are having success and they say “If that one can, I know I can too”. Training events provide a roadmap to show the attendees how they can have some success in their business.

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