What’s an Affirmation?

An affirmation is either a sentence or a paragraph written in the 1st person in present tense that describes a person’s goal, their plan for reaching that goal and the habits and attitudes that are going to affect the achievement of that goal.

Why Are Affirmations Important?

You can use affirmations to mold and create the body and life of your dreams. Think of yourself as a powerful magnet. Whatever you are thinking, feeling, visualizing and affirming in your mind you are powerfully either consciously or subconsciously attracting back into your life. You may be worried because you know that you’re not 100% positive all of the time. That’s OK. You can start right now by observing your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

There are different parts of your mind that you can control – your thoughts, your subconscious, how you feel about yourself and different ways you can go about changing those feelings. The way you feel about yourself is what is called your ‘self image’. Your self image is basically the sum of your habits and your attitudes. It has to do with the way you feel about yourself.

Your attitudes really determine whether you feel positively or negatively about a concept or idea that has to do with you. Your habits determine how you act. People do things and act in certain ways and more importantly, perform at certain levels because it’s consistent with their self image. In other words, if you feel like you’re not very good at a certain act, for example, generating leads for your home business, then the odds are your performance is going to be negative towards that.

The good news is that your self-image is not static. You have the ability to change it, utilizing affirmations.

Action Steps

  1. Determine what about your self-image you want to change.
  2. Write a sentence or short paragraph in the 1st person, present tense stating the positive opposite.
  3. Put that affirmation in a prominent spot where you’ll always see it.
  4. Read it OUT LOUD as often as possible.

As you read your affirmations over and over again, you have the ability to change your self image, which is engrained in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is a very valuable aspect of your being. It’s something you can change by planting the right seeds. I’ve heard it referred to as a fertile field that can grow whatever thoughts and self image you want to plant in it. Affirmations are the right seeds you plant in your subconscious mind to change your negative self image about anything.

Affirmations are used by pro-athletes, Olympic champions, top business people in this world (we’re talking the likes of Donald Trump) and top performers at just about any level. They use affirmations to change their self image. I think you should utilize them as well to create the magic of thinking success through the repeated and focused use of positive affirmations. You see, my friend, anything you focus on expands.

One last point, make sure you use positive terms when creating affirmations. For example, if I felt like I was a failure at lead generation for my business, my affirmation should NOT be something like “I’m not a failure at lead generation” or “I’m not bad at lead generation”. That’s not the way to write an affirmation. You have to state it in a positive opposite. Instead, I would say something like “I am great at lead generation” or “I’m excellent at lead generation”. You get the point?

I hope you do.

My friend, don’t forget these quotes by great minds such Emerson, who said “Great men are those who see that thoughts rule the world” or the prophet David who wrote, “As one thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

Think Success.

Etieno Etuk

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