As an MLM’er, network marketer or home business owner, there is a whole lot you can learn from the awesome and inspirational video clip below.

Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks, NBA Champion of 2011) has never been one to shrink back from the media, he’s certainly never been afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve – even when the sleeves are short.

Mark Cuban’s frank and uncompromising ways have earned him a host of fans and some critics. Indeed, his great personality (considered to be absolutely delighting for some and bombastic for others) helped build his brand and image and polarize feelings about the Mavericks. Those who did not like them before were further estranged by means of straight talk by Mark, and, conversely, those who were casual fans were often passionate supporters of the team, supporting Cuban’s incessant banter.

While the media has chalked up his enthusiastic participation in the daily operations of the Mavericks to the fact that it is a “fan-owner,” Cuban has said that it is more than that. “I think it’s not so much being a fan as it is being a customer…. I learned a lot over the years, and I continue to learn. I have always tried to create the best possible experience for our customers in all of our businesses, the Mavs included, and to do that you have to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and learn what makes the experience the most amazing, differentiated experience they could achieve for their entertainment dollar.”

Cuban’s leadership style doesn’t have a whole lot of respect for the status quo. As a result, he has been a tremendous asset to his franchise… and sometimes a liability. But one thing no one can deny is that Mark Cuban knows the ins and outs of what makes a fan’s experience unique and enjoyable, and he brings that creativity and insight to every aspect of his work. He always has. “I’ve always been a consumer of sporting events. I started going to baseball games when I was 5 years old,” he explains—and his use of the word consumer here is deliberate.

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