The Value of Taming Your Tongue

One of the main reasons people get stuck in life is because they haven’t learned how to control their mouth. From saying hurtful things to gossiping to putting others down, their tongue is keeping them from rising higher. But that doesn’t have to be you!

You can become all that you were created to be by learning to control your tongue today. As you do, you’ll enjoy your life more, have better relationships and step into new levels of purpose and blessings.

The video below is by one of my mentors, Joel Osteen. best-selling author of “The Power of I Am: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today.” He discusses some valuable insights into the value you can get from taming your tongue. It’s important to note that you’re not required to verbalize everything that’s on your mind. It’s only a fool that tells everyone what they are thinking.

You are defined by the way you use and choose your words. The use of your words touches you as well as those around you. Without really thinking about it, you can change someone else’s thoughts, beliefs and actions by using the power of words and by taming your tongue.

You see, our mouth is driven by what preoccupies our heart. Choosing to bridle our tongue means dealing with our heart first—not merely avoiding blurting out unkind words. Remember that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Learn to hold your tongue even when things are not going your way.

NEVER criticize, condemn or complain about anything or person, whether it be directly or indirectly. When you complain, it takes your focus away from the good things that you could be grateful for instead. Never do or say anything that lowers a person’s self-esteem or makes him/her feel less important or valuable. Refuse to gossip or discuss other people in a negative way. Never say anything about a person that you would not say to his/her face.

The words you say may have a huge effect on other people, but they also affect you too. The words that come out of your mouth go into your ears as well as anyone else listening. Those words sink into your personality and play a part on your mood.

Proverbs 17:28 says, “Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise.”

Your words are powerful. They can break you or they can make you. They express your emotions and thoughts. Remember today that you have the freedom to choose the words you speak carefully. And learn to listen more than you speak. Listen with intent. Whenever you’re the presence of other people, pay attention to what they’re saying. People appreciate you more when they know that you’re a good listener. Listening will help you avoid making blunders with your tongue.

Watch the video below to gain some insight into Pastor Joel’s wisdom.

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