It’s easy to get into a survival mode when times get tough and things aren’t going our way. When this happens, it’s tempting to just hunker down and settle where we are and not believe for increase, not believe to go any further in life.

If you watch the news reports long enough about the economy and the price of gas and how groceries are going up, it’s tempting to think “If I can just hold on”, “If I can just make it through another year”. And if we’re not careful, we’ll develop this survival mentality to where we are not releasing our faith and where we do not believe to rise any higher. We become satisfied if we just break even.

We’re not supposed to break even. We’re supposed to break through to a new level and into increase and promotion. Get rid of that survival thinking. You can’t stay in that survival mode where you kind of feel like you’re a victim. No! You’re not a survivor; you’re more than a conqueror.

I realize that some seasons are more difficult than others. Not every season is harvest. Sometimes we have to go through trying times, where it seems like things are drying up and getting a little more challenging. It in these times that our faith has to rise up to take us to another level where we’re not just surviving but thriving in the midst of hardship. When you stay in an attitude of faith, new doors are opened for you.

This is what it means to have a thriving mentality. Deep down we know that even if we’re in the desert, when things are slow financially, even when we get a negative report that God is still on the throne. Our job is not our source; the economy is not our source either. God is our source.

So many people have been talked into have this survival thinking. You’ve watched so many news reports. No I want to talk you into thriving and not just surviving. Pursue your dreams and continue to expect increase and believe for favor. Don’t pull back.

When times get tough, don’t hunker down and think things are so bad. Dig your heels in and say “I’m not going to just survive; I’m going to thrive and prosper in spite of this difficulty.”

Shake that survival mentality off. It’s a new season. It’s your time for favor and your time to see goodness in your life. Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way that you’re not just going to survive it; you’re going to thrive in spite of it.

Learn to keep your faith out there. There are so many negative voices that try to steal our dreams and talk us into settling where we are. If you let those voices take root, you’ll start acting on them. When you act on them, that’s your faith at work and you can bring it to pass. In other words, if you expect to have less and barely get by, your faith can draw that in. Start expecting increase in a greater way. Start expecting this to be your best year so far.

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