Tips For Getting More Visitors To Your Website

Do you just wish you had more people visiting your blog or site? Do you want to know how to consistently get more traffic? In this post I share how to get more visitors to your site.

How to Get More Visitors Consistently

You will find that there are not many HUGE acts that you can do to get more traffic, but, doing things in a certain way, consistently, is exactly how to get more visitors!

The biggest issue for most is coming up with content (or what to write about) to continue to attract more people to your site.

How to Get More Visitors Using Social Media

There are little tricks that I have learned that have really helped me get more traffic from social media.

1. Have a compelling picture so that when you post it on Facebook (the best traffic source) it shows up. Too often I see people post on Facebook a link that does NOT have a good pic, this reduces the chances it will get clicked.

2. Find the good groups on Facebook. There are lots of good groups on Facebook, go to the top search bar and search for your niche. As my niche is network marketing, searching for things like “Marketing”, “MLM”, or “Network Marketing” make sense. When you find a few good ones, be sure to post your content in those groups when you have anything new. DO NOT POST SALES PAGES OR CAPTURE PAGES as that will turn off the community. Most violate this rule and they wonder why no one clicks their stuff.

3. Use persuasion in your website content. So let’s say you learn how to get more visitors and you start getting a ton of traffic…now what? Well, you want those visitors to do something right? Ideally you want those visitors to comment on your blog, share it on social media, purchase products and perhaps even join your network marketing company right? What you want to do is learn how to persuade people to take a required action when they visit your website.

Can You Get More Website Visitors From Offline Events?

The answer is yes. Ever go to a networking meeting and someone suggests you visit their site and hands you a card? Well, you probably didn’t check out their site unless they gave you a compeling reason to do so.

Have a compeling offer on your blog that when you meet someone and you find out their needs, you can then offer them your website as a solution to their problem.

Make sure whatever you are doing you are also passionate about, do it consistently and you too will start getting more traffic and more traffic means more leads and more leads mean what? MORE FREEDOM!

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