Tips On Creating A Warm Market List That Wins

When getting started in business, creating a strong warm market list can help you win big. The first few months of a distributor’s career are critical. Very few people will survive in the network marketing industry if their first few weeks are not spent wisely.

It is very important to create a “warm list”. This is your most powerful resource. A “warm list” is a group of individuals from your past and present whom you know well enough that if you picked up the phone to call them, they would recognize you once they heard your name.  The value of the warm list is that for the first few months, new distributors are able to talk to people they know and to people they would love to have a solid business relationship with.

By starting by talking to people in your warm market, it prepares you to enter into the more judgmental world of “cold marketing”, which involves attempting to recruit people whom you’ve never met before. That’s when approaching large numbers of prospects becomes crucial. Your warm market list sets you apart from everyone else in the business. It gives you an edge for success. Without your warm list, your approach to this business would be no different from standing on a street corner trying to sell newspapers.

The larger your warm list, the more solidly you will establish your business. People have often said that the average person knows 2,000 people on a first-name basis. Your first step in this business is to begin making a 2000-person list of people who know you personally. The reason I say 2,000 is because if asked to make a 200-person list, most people will average 60 or 70 names and stop there. If you are asked to target ten times this many, you will probably come up with hundreds of names and apologize for being short of the goal. Once you are well on your way with your list, select your top 25 people, those with whom you would most enjoy being in business with.

To come up with such a huge list of warm market prospects, you will need a triggering device. This is basically any list of people, places, occupations, directories, or things that will allow you to recall people from your past. You can use telephone directories, old high school yearbooks, etc.

Use a memory jogger to help make your warm list. For example, you could think of people whom you respect, people who show genuine concern for other people(such as church leaders, doctors, lawyers, etc.) and people who are professionals.

Take the time and use the resources available to you to help in developing your list. If you’re new in the business of network marketing, sit down in a quiet room with several triggering devices and attempt to create a warm list of 2,000 people. It should take 2 to 3 days to get a good start and by the end of the first month, you should be well on your way to hitting the target. There will never be regret if you decide to start your business with this tool. Network marketing requires you to talk to large numbers of people. The longer your warm list, the better your chances of achieving success in this business. Make your list long and make it strong.

It is vital to the success of your business that you do not ignore the warm market phase of your business. Don’t avoid your warm list. Because of fear of what their friends and relatives may think of them, most people may prefer to approach people they don’t know. Let me tell you this, approaching strangers is much more difficult than reaching out to your family, friends and acquaintances. Find whatever words you need to deliver the message about your business to those on your warm list.

Don’t let your doubts and insecurities stand in the way of beginning your business through approaching the people you know. If you let your doubts stand in the way, you’re guaranteed to fail.

Many people avoid their warm market because of their poor-self image.  Some people do not feel respected by their friends and relatives. The fact is many folks believe that their friends will probably laugh at them for trying to become an entrepreneur. Realize this, if you do not approach the people you know about your business and they get to find out later on that you achieved a great deal of success and didn’t call them when you started, the will be mad at you for that. You may have a group of friends whom you are afraid to approach. Conquer your fears and approach them anyway. The reason is because they won’t be your friends anymore when they find out that you got involved with a business that’s now paying you $30K a month, while they’re still going into an office sixty to seventy hours a week.

Think enough of your friends to show them the business. If they decide it’s not for them, then they can’t be mad at you later when you achieve success. Move past your comfort zone and offer everyone on your list this opportunity. They will thank you later.

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