There are all kinds of voices and all kind of thoughts we can tune into. It’s just like with a radio station. There are hundreds of different frequencies in the air right now all around us. If we have a receiver, we could tune in to station after station. If something comes up that you don’t really like. It’s no big deal. You don’t make yourself sit there and listen to it. You don’t just endure it. You simply hit a button and switch over to a different channel.

It’s the same with our thinking. Hundreds of thoughts are coming into our mind. Many of these thoughts are negative and discouraging. Things like “You’ll never accomplish your dreams”, “You’ll never get well”, “You’ll never get out of those problems.”

Realize that you don’t have to stay on that channel. Just because a thought comes into your mind doesn’t mean that you have to dwell on it. If that thought is negative, condemning and discouraging, you simply need to tune off that frequency and find a different channel.

There’s a channel called The Voice Of Victory. It says you’re blessed, you’re prosperous, you’re healthy, you have favor, you can overcome your obstacles, you can accomplish your God-given dreams. If you’re going to live in victory, you have to stay tuned to the right channel.

Determine that you will go out each day positive, hopeful, excited about your future. As we think those thoughts, endorphins are released into our system that causes us to feel happier and to have more energy. It puts a spring in our step.

Stay on the offensive and learn to think thoughts on purpose. Don’t let yourself talk to you. Start talking to yourself. Get up on the morning and make a declaration of faith. Say things like “This is going to be a great day” and “I’m excited about this day.” When you do that you’ll be happier, stronger and you’ll see God’s favor in a greater way.

Pay attention to what you’re thinking. Some of you have been tuned in to the worry channel so long you could be a lifetime member. You could own stock in that company. There is a much better way to live. When those thoughts of worry come, make a decision that you’re not going to dwell on them. Just switch the channel and thank God that He’s arranging things in your favor.

You control the door way to your mind. When we go around thinking negative thoughts, we’re just making matters worse. We’re not only going to feel bad but we’re drawing in more defeat and more mediocrity.

You’ve got to draw that line in the sand and say “That’s it. I’ve worn out the dial on the worry channel. I’m done listening to the not-gonna-happen network. I’m switching over to the Voice of Victory.” It’s all about what we choose to dwell on.

Learn to weed through hundreds of negative thoughts to latch on to positive thoughts. Become so disciplined in your thought life so you can weed through a hundred discouraging thoughts and grab hold of one encouraging thought. Train your ear in the right way.

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