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With the majority of news and media being negatively slanted, I think it is important for us in the self-improvement industry to constantly help people believe in the good of people.

It’s the Holiday Season again and with that comes a lot of different emotions but mostly what you feel in the air is the spirit of giving and kindness and in this post I wanted to display a reminder that any and all of us can make a difference in the world on any given day.

There’s a secret power, a hidden magic, and a wondrous rejuvenating joy that automatically fills your heart when you express authentic kindness. Being kind to others creates just as much benefit for the giver as it does the receiver and in some cases, the giver receives more reward than the receiver.

It’s an automatic fool proof way to instantly create a smile in your heart and light up the hearts of others which makes the world a little brighter for all of us. Many people get stuck on the idea that it takes a large amount of giving to make even a small difference when in fact, the opposite is true.

The smallest act of kindness can create a HUGE impact and difference in the world. Because it’s not the size of the donation or the material value of the gift that holds the power and value of giving, it’s the shift in the emotional state of both the giver and receiver that creates the real magic.

A kind word, a friendly smile, holding the door for someone, being patient, and even a cup of coffee can change another person’s life. It’s the caring and love behind authentic kindness that makes the biggest impacts on peoples lives and it’s that impact that creates the ability to change one person’s life.

It only takes a second to care but the impact from that second can create a ripple effect that expands across the entire planet. And in this post you can clearly see this in action from one sweet man with a dedicated heart.

This guy is awesome. When you get a chance please stop by his Facebook page and help him spread the love!