If you never had “life” spoken into you – by that, I mean if you were given no words of encouragement and hope to start you on your way and all you ever heard were painful remarks about your body, your looks, your mind – you need to forgive those stupid people who didn’t realize they were talking to greatness in the making. You were created with a divine plan already laid out for your life.

“How”, you might ask, “could a kind, loving God allow me to be born out of such chaos?” My answer is God does His best work when dealing with “off” circumstances – that is circumstances that write us off, turn us off, or piss us off. Yes, out of severe pain and confusion have come some of the most incredible lives – lives that have shaped the world.

Babe Ruth eventually became one of the greatest baseball players of all time, but Ruth was sent to an orphanage by his father when he was just seven and only one of his seven siblings survived infancy. Yet it was at the orphanage that a priest taught Ruth how to play baseball.

Legendary photographer and filmmaker Gordon Parks was not breathing when he emerged from his mother’s womb, but the doctor – named Gordon – managed to revive him. The youngest of fifteen children, Gordon conquered homelessness and poverty and taught himself how to take pictures.

KFC founder Colonel Sanders often slept in the backseat of his car (sometimes with his wife, Claudia) as he traveled the country trying to convince restaurants to use his special fried chicken recipe for a franchise licensing fee. He reportedly heard the word “no” more than a thousand times on his way to becoming a business legend.

This post is to encourage you to reach out for your life’s purpose and your dreams. Don’t give up. Even if you’ve heard the word “no” many times, don’t quit. Keep on keeping on because the man who wins is the man who doesn’t quit.

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