We all have challenges and setbacks that come against us. We were not created to be overcome. We were created to be the overcomer.

Our attitude toward our problems is really important. What do we do when a situation is not working out and is going on month after month? It’s tempting to get sour and to start expecting the worst. Our mind plays out all the possible scenarios. It’s easy to get down and discouraged.

If we go around thinking it’s never going to work out or get better. That limits our outcome. But when we face difficulties and we dig our heels in and fight, negative situations are turned around.

Life is full of difficulties. Even though problems have formed in your life, you can stay in peace knowing that it is not going to prosper. The mistake we make often is that we don’t know who we are or what really belongs to us. And so when a problem arises, we go around complaining, expecting the worst. All that does is stop God from working in your situation.

You have to be in faith in order to activate God’s promises. When difficulties come and you’re tempted to get upset you need to remind yourself “This is not going to prosper”. You have to keep reminding yourself that your problems didn’t come to stay, they came to pass.

There is no person that can keep you down. There is no sickness, calamity or problem too great that can keep you from ultimately living in victory. You are in a fixed fight. The outcome has already been determined. God always causes us to triumph. He had the solution before we ever had the problem. He had a way out before we even encountered the difficulty.

Right now, you may be in difficult times and have just about convinced yourself that it’s never going to get better but if you could only see right ahead. God has great things in front of you. So instead of dragging around thinking “I’ll never get out of this mess”. You need to have the attitude that your problem is not going to prosper, even though it may have formed. If God be for you, who dare be against you.

You’ve got to have this attitude of faith. Know deep down inside that ultimately everything is going to work out to your advantage. It may take a month, a year or twenty years but when it’s all said and done, you’ll come out of it better off than you were before.

Sometimes we have problems because we make poor choices but other times we may have problems because we’re doing something right. If you’re doing something right, don’t be surprised if you face opposition. Any time you try to make progress in life, there will be opposition. Shake that off and stay in faith. Don’t stop believing. Get your fire back, get your enthusiasm back.

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