Is this your first year in network marketing?  With promises of stacks full of money and financial freedom at every corner, it’s easy to see how Network Marketing can get a bad name.

Due to the state of the economy, more and more people are forced to look for alternate sources of income to survive.

While you can find different network marketing opportunities around every corner, don’t start thinking you are going to strike it rich overnight. You have to take the time to not only build some relationships with people, but you have to know how to market as well.

This post is not necessarily for newbies in the network marketing world but it’s also for those who have been in the industry but haven’t had any real success.

Even though I have been in the industry for quite a while, I still approach it as if today was my first day in network marketing. There is a lot to learn, especially with the advent of the Internet, which is probably the best to ever happen to the industry.

I’m re-reading my copy of “Your First Year In Network Marketing” by Mark Yarnell & Rene Yarnell and came across very valuable information. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to achieve widespread success in the network marketing industry.

We have to face it. In this business rejection is inevitable! As many as 50 percent or more of all potentially successful networkers fail before ever getting started because their sponsor/upline does not prepare them for the bomb called rejection. I think it’s the responsibility of every recruiter to fully prepare their prospects for rejection and then provide them with the tools to overcome rejection.

You have to be determined to succeed no matter what. Realize that the battle is in the mind and you’re capable of winning. Remember that fine wine can be product of sour grapes. Therefore turn rejection into a motivational force and let that force propel you through those early rejections.

Know this: Success comes to those who make things happen.

Begin at once to put your business together, whether you feel you’re ready or not. There is a science to the method “ready, fire, aim.” If you do something wrong long enough, you’ll figure out how to do it right. Experts have proven that you learn to shoot baskets by your misses and not the ones you make.

Don’t’ take rejection personally

Think of prospecting in network marketing as a sifting process. Just like the waitress walking around with a coffeepot, we are merely searching for those who would like to have what we have to offer. Accepting no is merely part of the process of finding those who say yes.

Look at rejection as your ally, and not your adversary, and if handled properly it will expedite your recruiting activities and actually set you up for a positive outcome. Persevere with every ounce of enthusiasm in order to give yourself the necessary excitement to do this business correctly.

To reduce the level of rejection you face, you have to recognize where your best prospects hang out. The best prospects for building your business are where you are right now, on the internet! The internet gives you leverage of time and money.  You have the ability to get yourself and your business in front of millions of people.

But, hold on a minute….

The mistake many new networkers make is they lead with their business and try to shove it down people’s throats. Trust me; you don’t want to do that.  Many who do this get horrible results, quit the business and tell others it doesn’t work.

You will get to present your business opportunity to others, but there is a crucial first step you must make before you do, which will increase your success rate. Just like I mentioned earlier, success in this industry boils doing to one thing…MARKETING. Doing this one thing will separate you from 97% of the other networkers who are failing miserably in their businesses. Click here to see what I mean.

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