Your Power of Personal Magnetism:

The 7 Qualities of The World’s Most Charming People

By Dr. Yomi Garnett

A highly-developed charisma confers immense personal power on you, if only because, being more people-oriented, and more empathic than most, you will, on several different levels, better connect with people, allowing you to attract immense human goodwill anywhere you find youself.” – Yomi Garnett.

The word ‘charisma’ is classically defined as a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in other people. Put in other words, charisma is that innate quality that makes one a likable person. Although self-apologists are inclined to deprecate the pervasive influence of other people, for good, and for bad, in the affairs of man, the incontestable fact is that our fortunes are necessarily dependent on the impression we make on others. That is why it becomes compellingly necessary for us to be likable, at least to some degree.

The classic picture of a charming person is not entirely alien to our imagination.
He is poised. He is confident. When he speaks to people, he does so in a firm and measured enunciation that is delivered in a relaxed tone, and in words that are well-chosen for effective and easy amiability.
He also projects a classy but understated appearance that has the invariable propensity to fixate everyone around him. He entrances everyone, effortlessly attracting attention to himself the way magnet attaches steel to itself.
He radiates an incomparable energy and confidence that totally enamors even the most reticent individuals that come into contact with him.

His does not, however, possess incomparable charm because of what he says, or how he looks. The true essence of the charismatic energy he projects is simply a function of his entire being.
When you are engaged in dialogue with this charming fellow, you unwittingly feel yourself effortlessly inspired by, not only his ideas, but your own ideas, which inexorably bud from his place of profound emotion and infectious passion.
What does this person have that inspires so much?
What does this person have that draws others to him?
He speaks very well.
He is socially adroit.
He projects an attractive and exciting image with effortless ease.
His mystique lies in all of these.
But, he has something else.
He has charisma.
The fascinating thing about charisma is that, although it is usually difficult to say why someone has it, we all recognize it the instant we encounter it.

I have devoted consummate attention to the study of charisma.
This is my own carefully contrived definition of it.
Charisma is the ability to positively influence others by connecting with them physically, emotionally and intellectually.
Charisma is what propels people to like you.
Charisma is what motivates people to enjoy being around you, even when they possess limited knowledge of who you are.
Contrary, however, to popular refrain, one is not necessarily born with charisma.
The composite traits of charisma are, almost invariably, acquired over the course of a lifetime.

These are the seven traits of people with remarkable charisma:

1. They Carry Themselves With Uncommon Grace And Confidence.

They send out a silent message of confidence, self assurance and personal security. They look you right in the eye during dialogue. They do not slump their shoulders, rather squaring them assertively. They do not consider themselves well-dressed unless they are also wearing a smile. On the other hand, they readily paint their world with a smile at the slightest prompting.

2. They Are Compellingly Persuasive.

They find it infinitely easy to get people to subscribe to their viewpoints because they are consummately skilled in the art of distilling seemingly complex ideas into simple messages.

3. They Are Articulate Communicators.

They have an innate ability to speak well and communicate effectively, and so are able to articulate their ideas properly for easy comprehension.

4. They Are Excellent Listeners.

Although good listening skills are rarely taught and infrequently practiced, they remain a principal key to communicating well, and making others feel special. Charismatic people possess this skill of listening their way into the hearts of other people.

5. They Are Consciously Aware of Space And Time.

They do not offend the sensibilities of other people by disrespecting their space and time.

6. They Subscribe To The Platinum Rule of Relationships.

In its classic prescription, the Golden Rule states that you should treat others as you would wish to be treated. However, there is a subtle, yet more profound application of the rule. We generally assume that all people want to be treated the same way. This is a fatally flawed assumption. Those who are truly blessed with enlightened discernment are aware of the subterranean Platinum Rule which states that you should treat others, not only as you wish to be treated, but also as they wish to be treated. Charismatic people, being consummate masters of Social Intelligence, which equates to social proficiency at reading other people, are inevitably equipped with the rare capability of adjusting their entire body language just to make others feel comfortable. This, also, is Emotional Intelligence at its most formidable.

7. They Possess And Peddle Great Ideas.

No matter how strong and persuasive a speaker you are, and no matter how skilled you are in connecting with others, you have still got to have something to say. If you have nothing of substance to say, you will merely be an empty barrel.

Conclusively, learning to improve your charisma is becoming more and more important, especially in an age where leadership excellence is in premium demand. This is because expectations have risen at every conceivable turn. At all strata of business and personal life, people are being subjected to demands that exceed mere competence. Those who squirm, stumble over their words, and can’t quite look us in the eye are becoming relegated to the sidelines.

This is the era of empowerment, where empathy and mutual human support are revered. Charismatic people stand out because they are empathic communicators who are able to see things from the perspective of other people, and are thus appropriately equipped to consistently seek to find the common ground in all their inter-human relationships, and for the ultimate good of mankind.

People who possess immense personal magnetism are usually self-confident optimists. Viewing virtually any problem as solvable, they tend to focus on desired results rather than the possibility of failure, and this is why they are also great motivators, helping others to convert fear into mere surmountable challenge.

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